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A good product must be the perfect combination of art and commerce
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Brand Story


FENGPASS Brand Story

Simon Feng, the founder of FENGPASS, has always adhered to the philosophy of “going forward and constantly surpassing himself”, seeing this as the way of being a man and doing things. In the early days of starting business, Simon Feng carried out corporate management and brand promotion under the name of Surpass Industrial Limited, and motivated employees with the company name and its meaning. He also hoped that all employees of the company would carry forward and inherit the concept of “going forward and surpassing themselves”, which is also being seen as the self-improvement company culture.

After the registration of Surpass Industrial Limited, the trademark was registered with Surpass as well. However, because the trademark vocabulary is too hot, it has been pre-registered by other company and cannot use Surpass anymore. In order to continue to implement the company's brand culture and brand concept, the company's founders split their own surnames Feng combined with Surpass to create today's FENGPASS. FENGPASS has been successfully registered in the United States, Germany, China, Japan, the European Union and other countries. In the future, FENGPASS will continue to be registered in most countries around the world, and the FENGPASS brand products will be promoted globally. Now FENGPASS is in the knife and scissors industry in Japan and the United States. The business sector has become famous, and the company continues to promote it in Europe.

Since the founding of FENGPASS, we have been persisting and working hard to challenge higher goals. The company's business areas are constantly innovating, constantly developing, and deepening. We take the quality of products and innovative ideas as weapons, develop markets and improve services. We believe that in the future market competition, the spirit of FENGPASS will continue to inspire everyone to climb higher peaks!