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A good product must be the perfect combination of art and commerce
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Established in 2010, FENGPASS Industrial Limited is the household kitchen tools and gadgets for the FENGPASS brand in China.

It was founded in 1983. The FENGPASS brand was decided to bring high-quality and reasonably priced kitchen knives and scissors to the global families due to Dr. Simon's dissatisfaction with the high price of high-quality knife and scissors brands on the market. 

According to his spirit of innovation and continuous transcendence, FENGPASS has set up factory in Guangdong, China, using German technology, materials and management mode, so the price has certain advantages compared with similar products.

With more than 1,000 styles stainless steel knives & scissors, cutlery and kitchen items, FENGPASS has created a quality kitchen concept that makes cooking a pleasure and a perfect quality of life that people can see.